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About Us

Our Mission
Quber Arts was incorporated with the sole purpose of spreading the excellence of Rajasthani Paintings across the world. During the past years of our existence, we have successfully crossed many milestones and are committed to achieve the excellence in manufacturing Rajasthani Paintings.
Quber Arts is fully devoted to the promotion of contemporary Indian arts and artists. It sponsors Works by living artists and seeks to bring their Work to the attention of art lovers in India and the world. Quber Arts hosts this site to present Indian Painters/Sculptors, Art Organisations and their works to the world's art lovers, collectors and critics, and thus serve as a direct bridge between them.

Our Vision
Quber Arts has a vision to be the leading manufacturer of the best quality Rajasthani Paintings through innovation and a commitment for quality. We are confident to achieve a distinguished mark in our sphere of operation.

Our Group
Quber Arts is a group of many experienced artists that specialize in reproduction on all kinds of themes on different materials. Today, Quber Arts has progressed as one of the leading art schools in Rajasthan. Art lovers from across the world who appreciate miniature paintings visit Mewar Art Gallery. Here we offer a wide range of high quality paintings from legendary Rajasthan.

We Produce Quality
Quber Arts is dedicated to give a new dimension to the traditional art of manufacturing miniature paintings. We use brushes that are fine and prepared by the artists themselves. To get high quality results, the brush is even today made from hairs of the squirrel's tail - carefully cut without harming the little.

In the near future, we are going to launch one Art news page, which will be modified regularly. Please keep a view of this page to know the daily changing art scenario of India.

Please send your valued comments on paintings on sites and send your valued orders.